Inside ‘apocalypse-proof bunkers’ designed to protect global elite from annihilation

A company is making apocalypse-proof bunkers which are strong enough “for all surface threats” and are being marketed for the “most powerful” people in the world.

Thirty years after the end of the Cold War, a new threat is upon us with Russia ’s invasion of Ukraine ramping up tensions among global powers amidst a new arms race.

And with the world now appearing a less safe place for everyone, a company is now hoping to provide wealthy people with bunkers to protect them.

Oppidum, a maker of fortified underground living spaces, has now unveiled its L’Heritage bunkers which it claims can give people splendour and a lavish lifestyle despite the pending threat of disaster for the world.

But they don’t come cheaply with the entry level at $10 million while the L’Heritage model is around $100 million although there is no limit as it is purely down to individual tastes.

Designed by French architect Marc Prigent the new bunkers have been made for these “unprecedented times” says the company.

While bunkers are not an unusual part of luxury mansions, what is different with the new bunkers is that they promise to provide the whole home experience and provide 10,000 square feet of space.

The owner can arrive at their home’s helicopter pad and then drop 50 feet down where they head through a garage through an airlock into their secure bunker containing every luxury a billionaire would care for.

There is room for art galleries, bedroom suites and even an indoor garden.

For anyone wondering about the security features it starts with fortified blast-proof doors controlled by biometrics which scan the face, eyes, palms and fingerprints to only allow those permitted to enter.

They are built to NATO standard ballistic levels using high density concrete with the same texture as those in nuclear power plants.

“They are places of serenity and absolute safety for owners and their families. We are privileged to offer our clients the highest levels of service, creating beautiful places that will protect them and their legacy for generations to come,” says Jakub Zamrazil, founder and CEO of Oppidum, in a statement.

“We take an optimistic view of the world, and believe strongly in humanity’s potential to develop a great future for itself. At the same time, not all events are foreseeable or preventable, and it is wise to be prepared to weather the storm when necessary.

“In an uncertain world, Oppidum provides a level of certainty. It is a place of strength that enables you to preserve and protect what matters most when required. You can then venture out into the world with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family is protected, whatever may arise.”